INSF - Battle of The Tribes 2024

INSF - Battle of The Tribes 2024

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This event will be on November 30th 2024 in GSP Gym, Galway, H91 XDD4

2024 Membership for the INSF will be required to compete at this event, you must purchase it by 10/11/2024. Membership can be got on the INSF website:

U73kg, O73kg and Master.
U80kg, U90kg, U105kg, Open and Master.
*The Master's category is for athletes 40 years of age and over.

Please note that this competition is not a qualifier for any international event and is targeted at athletes in the early stages of their strongman careers or who will not be competing internationally in 2024.


1) Max Axle press

3 Attempts

Rising bar - 5kg jumps

2) Deadlift - Reps

U73kg/Master: 110kg

O73kg: 125kg

U80kg: 160kg

U90kg/Master: 180kg

U105kg: 200kg

Open: 220kg

3) Farmers Walk (3x10m)

U73kg/Master: 50kg

O73kg: 60kg

U80kg: 80kg

U90kg/Master: 90kg

U105kg: 100kg

Open: 110kg


4) Power stairs

U73kg/Master: 50/60/70kg

O73kg: 60/70/80kg

U80kg: 100/120/140kg

U90kg/Master: 110/130/150kg

U105kg: 120/140/160kg

Open: 130/150/170kg

  • No run in, 3 implement, 3 steps each

  • 16” step and 16” handle height

5) Stones


*Events and running orders are subject to change.

Entries will close on 13/10/2024
Entries are non-refundable.