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Matty Costello

Matty has been lifting competitively in both Powerlifting and Strongman for over 10 years, and has been coaching for the last 6 years in both sport as well as athlete strength and conditioning. In that time he has developed training systems that have produce national and international records and titles in both strength disciplines. As well as having a devotion to his athletes and promotion of his sport, Matty is also devoted to his education to further enhance his coaching ability's, having gone back to college to do a Research Masters in Strength and Conditioning which he will soon complete.

Ayshea Ullah

Ayshea Ullah is one of the best if not the best strength athlete to ever come out of Ireland. Ayshea is four times Ireland's Strongest Woman, Natural Europe's Strongest Woman, holds the all time Static Monsters biggest deadlift ever by a female and is the current All-Time Irish powerlifting drug-tested total record holder, this only scratch the surface of Ayshea's achievements which included holding the All-World total record for tested master powerlifting. Ayshea been coached by Head Coach Matty for 5 years now, in that time she has been learning the training system that she now applies to athletes of her own that are winning Ireland's Strongest titles!

Cillein Groom

Cillein is one of Ireland's best up and coming strongmen, placing 2nd in this years Ireland's Strongest man at just 24 years of age. Like Ayshea, Cillein has been been working under head Coach Matty for a long time, since he was 19 years of age hes been learning the craft of coaching and the training system that has brought so many athletes success through the years. Cillein gives as much to his athletes as he does his own training, which undoubtedly will lead to success for anyone working with him!

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