Both packages include a custom training program based on your goals, equipment available and feedback along with free nutrition, mobility and exercise guides and an extensive lifter information pack that covers a wide range of topics including how to brace, warming up for the squat, bench and deadlift along with extra conditioning workouts.

Standard Online Coaching is the most popular plan and suitable for most people.
All In Online Coaching is aimed at competitive athletes looking to perform at the absolute highest level they can. 

Custom Training Plan

Get a training program based on your goals, equipment available and injury history.

Coach check-in

Clients can check in to provide feedback on their program and ask any questions that you may have.

Free Guides

All of my online clients receive free exercise, nutrition and mobility guides.

Online coaching packages

All-In Online Coaching

€150 per month


Client Testimonials

Matty and Ayshea are a pleasure to have as coaches, they’re willingness to teach and educate you as a lifter and as a trainer is second to none. Nothing phases them, and they are more than welcoming to everyone.


Matty and Ayshea are both fantastic trainers and very knowledgeable in all areas from programming to nutrition and recovery, and are always happy to give advice or help in any way they can.


I joined GSP on a beginner level programme and now competing at IPO powerlifting nationals in a few months, thanks to the tailored training programmes, support and motivation provided at GSP!