GSP X ABS (GSP Dublin)

What is GSP X ABS?

GSP X ABS is a collaboration between GSP and ABS gym which see's GSP take over a section of the iconic ABS Powerlifting gym to bring Dublin a fully kitted strongman area!
We'll be offering a no-nonsense equipped Strongman area with a 12-meter track for moving events, expert coaching, a supportive community, and a focus on pushing boundaries. Stocked with top quality equipment, this collaboration promises to elevate strongman in Dublin and beyond. 

We will be offering a no BS training facility with World class coaches and  equipment as well as online coaching...bringing the GSP ethos from West to East

If you're someone looking to level up your lifting regardless of your experience then get in touch to arrange call back.

Membership types

Basic membership - Gym access, access to club training session, programming and training guidance
Personalised coaching - All of above and personalised programming

Kit list

Standard gym kit (Racks, bars, dumbbells, plates)

Strongman Specific: Sandbags in 10kg increments from 50-160kg, selection of husafel Sandbags, throwing bags, axles, logs, monster dumbbell, log and dumbbell drop pads, farmers walk, frame carry, super yokes, loadable husafel, duckwalk, silver dollar boxes and attachments, Kegs and more to come!

When is it opening?

We plan on opening with a free Strongman Saturday workshop on the 23rd of March. 

    Whether a beginner or high level athlete, if you are interested in training here in any capacity contact us below to lock your spot in. Spaces will be limited!